Audio Visual Rentals in Mississauga and Toronto

Customers rely on the Toronto audio visual rentals of Center Stage AV for professional equipment and personnel to accommodate events of all types. We offer tailor-made solutions for any event and budget, whether it’s a boardroom for a few people or a ballroom for thousands of guests.

Presentation Technology/Multimedia Design

We achieve impeccable events using the latest in presentation technologies and multimedia design. We are always expanding our current lines of wide screen technologies, and we offer coolux Pandoras Box and Vista Spyder to help get your message across. With our innovative technologies, we can even create virtual set designs and realistic renderings. This allows you to see your event in a virtual setting before the show even begins!

Product Launches

Whether it’s a grand multi-city tour or a private meeting, we will provide all the necessary components and personnel you will need to execute a flawless product launch. No matter the location, scope or size of the project, you can count on us!

Exhibits & Trade Shows

Center Stage AV makes your product, service or brand stand out for all the best reasons. We use LCD monitors, digital signage, decorative lighting, set design and other audio visual elements to help draw visitors to your exhibit so that you have an opportunity to share information and close the sale. Our creative team works with you throughout the entire process, and we also offer on-site support should you have any last minute changes or requests.

Award Ceremonies & Galas

Our valued clients count on us to create award ceremonies and galas that please guests of all kinds! We help you recognize achievements, celebrate successes and more by using creative lighting design, décor, multimedia, audio and other elements to create truly unforgettable evenings.

Set Design

We pride ourselves on being “in the know” about the latest trends that will make your event exceptional. Let us help you design the right set to complement your creative concepts and brand.

Lighting Design

Our creative lighting designers are some of the best in the industry. Let us enhance any event and create energy with our conventional, moving or LED lights. From gobos (templates or stencils that slot inside or are placed in front of lights) to dazzling effects to projected video images, we can set the perfect mood to reflect your event.

3D Rendering

Need to see what your show will look like before it happens? Let our brilliant designers and programmers create a realistic 3D experience of your event space utilizing the latest in software.


The need for webcasting and video conferencing can arise due to the cost of travelling or the limitations of time. Understanding which technology is right for you is where our experts can help.


We are happy to work with you and your vendors to create the best event for your attendees. In the end, if the message isn’t received, then the execution has failed. At Center Stage AV, our team will ensure your message is delivered loud and clear!

Presentation Management

Presentation management is an efficient web based e-presentation process that gives presenters an easy way to upload, review and revise their presentations. It is also a logistics tool that makes it easy to send presentations to the computer in the respective meeting rooms. Presentation management as a tool to keep meeting professionals informed, saving time, minimizing cables and connectivity requirements, keeping presenters on schedule and focused on their presentations.

Audience Response

There are many times you really need feedback on how your product or service is being received. Perhaps you’d just like some audience interactivity in your presentation or to keep them involved. Our Keypoint Interactive audience response system (ARS) is the perfect solution to facilitate interactive discussions and enhance communications at your event.